Well…My Sister is a Ship. We Had a Complicated Childhood.

I love Firefly.  The line is at 34:08.

At Hulu.


The Best Invention, Ever


Seriously, free TV on demand.  And some decent movies (Last of the Mohicans is on there).  I’m going through that great show, Firefly.  I also went through the entire 13-episode run of Six Degrees.  There was a reason it was cancelled, but it had one of my favorite actors.  I’m going to try to find my favorite scene with him and get back to you.  Look for updates.


Woo hoo!  I love the Internet era:

Great Photographs

I’m surfing the web with my son on my lap.  Going through Flickr like I go through blogs.  Very, very interesting.  Some are obviously pikers, like me.  But some are real photographers.

I remember feeling exactly like this when I used to read Runner’s World.  The runners there were real, well, runners.  I was a jogger.  They logged 40 miles a week.  I logged 6.  On a good week.  I felt like a dilettante.

Else Kramer is no dilettante.

Else Kramer’s photostream of her best shots.

UPDATE: By the way, I got that “pikers” term from Ben Affleck’s line in Boiler Room.  It’s at 2:51.

Surprise, Surprise

Well, I logged on today, the first time in a few days.  I’ve been sick, as my Twitter followers know.  Can I digress for a moment and say that I’m married, 10 years now, and I never had so many offers of sex when I was single as I do people “following” me on twitter, seeking sex.  It’s amazing.  Am I that virtually good looking?  Seriously, in the virtual world, am I a complete stud or something.  I know that I posted that picture of the guy with the abs that won’t stop, but I never seriously expected anyone to believe that was me.  And I’m getting these people following me on Twitter.  Though, they can’t spell.  They don’t want sex, they want sexx.  Or ssex.  Hmmm, do you imagine a swarm of purportedly hot women saying, “wow, Hank LNU sounds really sexy.  I think I’ll skip my remedial spelling class and go follow him on Twitter.”

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s spam.  I read recently that 90-95% of all email is spam.  The signal-to-noise ratio of information is horrible.  And the minute a new technology that people use gets developed, all of a sudden, people who want to exploit it figure out how.  It’s really annoying.

Or maybe I’m just that good looking and attractive.

OK, end of digression.

What I wanted to say was that when I logged in, for some reason yesterday was my second-best readership day ever.  I got something like 55 hits.  For me, that’s a huge jump.  Usually, it’s just Veaj coming by, maybe Rezzie, KJ, Jane, a couple others.  Which is fine by me.  Yesterday (a Saturday, remember), 55 people decided to come by and say hi.  And not all from the same place.  I could understand if I got an Instalanche.  Once, a major-league blogger linked to me.  This was before Hank, before BR, even.  And yowza, hundreds of hits.  But this was just 55 random people coming by.  Or Veaj coming by 55 separate times.  Which wouldn’t be above her (anyone remember the last time?  There’s a Toberlone in it if anyone does…except you, Veaj.)

So why the sudden popularity?  Or is the ‘sphere just recognizing my natural genius?

Feeling Like Crap

Last night I had 102 degree fever. I was chilled for a couple of hours, and then sweaty and hot for a couple of hours. No appetite, ravenous appetite. I can handle being sick, I don’t like not being the same kind of sick. Just one, please. I can handle the chills, but this variable symptom thing sucks.

This is Me, minus the bunny slippers

This is Me, minus the bunny slippers


Heaven help me, but I’ve become a member of the Starbucks nation.

My order today?

Grande no foam extra hot vanilla latte.

This from a guy whose usual order of a beverage is “a beer.” Or just “beer” if I’m in a mood. Resistance is futile.

Please Help Me…Or Shoot Me

I like another Taylor Swift song. “You Belong With Me.”

I can’t help it. Catchy tune. Tells a story, albeit a saccharine sweet high-school crush nerdy girl gets studly guy story. See, e.g., that movie with Freddie Prinze and…well, just any Freddie Prinze movie.

But I can’t help it.

There’s something wrong with me. Please help!

Here’s what I’m talking about.