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News, and More News

So…let’s start with the good: I found a job. A good job. A better job. And let me just say: phew! Relaxation can now commence.

In other news, and not to jump on the wow-what-a-segue bandwagon, but this will be my last post. I’m retiring, again, from blogging.

A couple of reasons behind that: first, with me starting a new job, I’m just not gonna have the time. There are some other reasons I won’t get into, but bottom line is that it’s time for me to hang this up. I’ll keep up with the blogs I read, but I’ll basically be incommunicado for a good long while. No emails, comments, texts, or calls. I need some time apart. After some time, I might dabble, or resurrect the name. Time will tell. But Hank is no more.

I feel like MooCow.


Don’t Get It

Now, you all know I’m a bit of a prude. Or, to be fair, just very, very conservative.

That said, I’m a (relatively) young, heterosexual male, and so I’m a fan of Angelina, Jaclyn Smith, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and the Super Bowl. And as you can see from my banner, the Red Sox. All masculine pursuits.

I had a friend who was married to a guy who she caught having cybersex. I don’t even know what that means, really, because the terms are self-contradictory. If it’s “cyber,” then it’s not “sex.” But trying to put the Internet and logic in the same room always leads to a migraine.

I never saw the appeal of sex on the Internet. Of course, I never saw the appeal of watching golf on TV. Playing it, yes. Watching it, no.

I’m getting around, slowly, to my point.

So I was blogsurfing just now. I played a little game with myself: start on a page with a lot of links. In this case, I started with Lisa B in Da City. [And thanks Lisa for putting my blog on your list of daily reads.] Anyway, so start with Lisa B, and click on whatever link strikes your fancy, just from the name. I went somewhere, and on that site, clicked through on another link, and another, andd another.

The thing I don’t like, particularly, is that by the third site, I was reading essentially porn. It was one site after the next with sex stories. Now, Girl with a One Track Mind does it well. Most others just end up sounding classless. Is that judgmental? And I feel a little judgmental, because most of these idiots were young women who were trying to do something, I don’t know what, but they end up sounding overwritten.

Anyway, I’ll write more tomorrow.  I’m wiped.


OK, those of you who know me know that I don’t do memes.

Except when I want to.

I just got tagged by Cubicle’s Backporch for a six-word memoire. I already wrote my six-word story:

Happy family life.  Still, he blogs.

I was thinking about writing a new one: “Works too hard, misses his family.”  Or, “works to live, not vice versa.”  Or, “Reformed geek? He loves his iPhone.” Or, “Never cries.  He’s always ‘man up.'”

Normally I don’t continue the tagging madness, but truth be told, I’d love to see

Rezzie and


write their six-word stories.

Who Has the Time

So I’ve been blogsurfing again.  I started from KJ’s new site (the link on the right goes to her new place, so click away), and went from her comments on blog safari.

I came across a site.  Cool layout, nice large type.  (I have a thing about small type.  And it’s been that way for a long time…those links are from two of my first posts in my second blogging life—and yes, there’s a story there—way back in December 2004.  If you want to know more about me, read that old blogger site.)

Digression: I just spent 20-30 minutes reading through that old site.  Wow, that brings back memories.

Anyway, like I said, nice site an all.  But her posts were like, 10,000 lines long.  Seriously, who has that kind of time?  I’m not advocating Twitter or anything, but damn, mini-novellas every post.  Now, even I can wax poetic sometimes, but my average post is a few paragraphs at most.  I don’t care if you’re Stephen King, if you’re going to write a blog, write a damn blog.

UPDATE: A Few Minutes Later: Man what a grouch am I?  Is it because it’s 1:30am?  Probably.


OK, spam is getting a bit…abstract.  The following is a comment that’s currently awaiting moderation.  The site that’s listed in the comment is  I’m not linking.  It’s basically a health and fitness ad site.

Is this spam or not? (I think yes).

I have called in on this location on many an instance now but this post is the 1st one that I have ever commented on.

Congratulations on such a first-rate critique and site. I have found it to be very helpful and educational – I only wish that there were more blogs online like this one.

I never disappear from this blog without learning anything, from time to time I may feel a tiny bit saddened that I may not agree with a blog article or comeback that has been made. But hey! that is existence and if every one decided to agree on the same thing what a boring old world we would exist in.

Please maintain your admirable work.

Having said all of this, and if I’m kindly allowed to continue with my entries I will come again to post on your blog site soon

Cheers, have a great day and thank you.

Oh My!

Now, regular readers reader, you know I run a family blog here. You know that I’m not the “who’s the hottie” type, and that I’m more likely to post a picture of a good bar-b-que, or a bicycle than of a woman.

I once went out with this woman who, for me, before I met my wife, defined “sexy.” There’s this one image in my head (get your mind out of the gutter! I told you this was a family blog.) that sums that up for me, with her in my t-shirt brushing her teeth.

That said, my goodness, I think I might have a new standard.

Pictures after the jump.

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Blast from the Past

The image header has changed from a scene from 300 to a piece of my very old image header from my very old site.  I think I’ll change it every once in a while, just to keep the freshness.


UPDATE, 10 minutes later: Wow, I went back to see the old site, and got to reading things I posted three years ago. Damn, I was good. OK not so much, but it was a fun ride. For those of you who’ve been reading me for a while, take a tour down memory lane. Click here. The engagement story is there. Some funny movie reviews. My finding MooCow, and VJ, and others.

OK, it was fun for me.