Let’s Get Political (For a Second)

Now, I normally don’t post politics. It happens, and long-time readers know I’m a stark-raving far-right lunatic fairly conservative. It’s highly likely I will never say anything nice about anything our President says or does over the next four, or heaven forbid eight, years.

Except for this.

I saw Arne Duncan on Meet the Press last week, and have been meaning to blog about it every since. Wow, was he awesome. I wanted to go out and change my vote in the last election to Obama, just so I could say that I helped put that man in charge of Education. The man might have single-handedly changed my opinion about whether we need a federal DOE (having 50 state ones already). I’d support the DOE just so he’d have a job.

I hope it’s not just talk. It takes a lot for a politician to overcome my natural cynicism of, well, politicians. But he did it. He was articulate, passionate, knowledgeable, and right.

I just figured out why I liked him so much: he sounded…conservative.

Go on iTunes and look at the Meet the Press from last week.


2 responses to “Let’s Get Political (For a Second)

  1. You crack me up, Hank. I’m still keeping you in my thoughts re: the job.

  2. ……………. You’re welcome.

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