Two fer Friday

I know, I know. I should have posted this on Tuesday. I know. But I didn’t discover these two blogs until today, so today is when you get them. Very different. Very, very different. But both entertaining.

First, let’s start with a commenter. Kate. Her blog, Recommended Daily Dose, is a trip. Let’s start with the toilet paper graphic, which I don’t know whether it’s permanent or just happens to be on the top now. But for those of you who’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know I originally started as a blogger named Bathroom Reading. So as soon as I looked at Kate’s blog, I started feeling nostalgic.

So, because I’m feeling a little nostalgic, here’s a gratuitous blast from the past. A post I wrote a long time ago.  Another blast?  Veaj used to have a series on her blog, which I commented on way back when, and just came across it: The moment was NOTICED.  I loved that.

Anyway, back to our program.

The second blog is completely different.  I can’t quite get a handle on it.  It’s written, apparently, by a fashion model.  Which I frankly have a hard time believing; it never struck me that fashion models would have the time or inclination to blog.  Anyway, it’s a mixture of funny stories, drink recipes, food recipes, family stuff, and even one cartoon reprinting.  Each post seems to start with a picture, sans face, of a model, which I’m guessing is either our author or someone she wants us to think is her.

And she titled her blog Cocaine Princess.  Which I think means her blog will make for interesting reading.

On the other hand, what a great idea!  In fact, I’m going to start each of my posts from now on with this picture.

Do you think anyone will believe it’s me?

This is me!  And I have a bridge to sell you...connects Manhattan to Brooklyn!

This is me! And I have a bridge to sell you...connects Manhattan to Brooklyn!

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

But these two blogs are each worth reading.

Oh, and Kate even commented on my last post. Very polite of her. You might remember that I’m all about blogiquette (blog etiquette).


2 responses to “Two fer Friday

  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out! Please feel free to visit me anytime, I’ll leave the light on for you! I’ll be coming back often!

  2. The Cocaine Princess blog seems fictional to me… but it’s interesting. Nice pecs.

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