You Won’t Find Love in a Hole

So I’ve been getting very into Chuck.  The TV show.  If you don’t know the show, there’s this guy, Chuck, who has a bunch of top secret information downloaded into his subconscious.  Now, whenever he sees something that triggers his memory, he has a flash on the top secret information.  He’s protected by a beautiful CIA agent (Yvonne Strahovski) and a tough NSA agent (Adam Baldwin).  He’s seriously fallen for the CIA agent.

Can you blame him?

Wouldn't You Fall For Her?

Wouldn't You Fall For Her?

The first few episodes took some getting used to, but since then, it’s all golden.  As I’ve often said, as much as I love shows where funny things happen to the main characters, I love it more when the characters grow from show to show, and season to season.  That’s Chuck.  He’s gained confidence through the first season, and now that I’m deep into the second season, it’s getting even better.

The writing is great, the acting superb.  And the supporting cast is hilarious.  All around a great show.  The season opener for season two is over-the-top good, and I’ve been replaying scenes all week.

I’m up to now the episode titled “Chuck versus the Fat Lady,” with a heavy opera subplot.  This and the last episode, Chuck versus the Ex (they’re all titled like that “Chuck versus”), have reintroduced a character oft talked about but up to now never seen, Chuck’s ex-girlfriend Jill.  He’s thrown together with her through a series of misadventures, and gets back together with her.  (Bothering his beautiful CIA-agent handler, who has also fallen for our hero.)

The ex is played by gorgeous brunette Jordana Brewster, of young star fame.  So in the Fat Lady episode, which is cute for itself, comes one of the best three minutes of television I’ve seen in a while, and certainly the best use of music to complement a scene I might have ever seen.  The song is by Frightened Rabbit, “Keep Yourself Warm.”  Worth checking out by

The Ex You'd Get Back Together With Too

The Ex You'd Get Back Together With Too

itself, by the way.  But the way they use the music, especially when…SPOILER ALERT…SPOILER ALERT..

Especially when they discover that Jordana’s Jill Roberts is a Fulcrum agent (that’s bad).  The look of shock on Yvonne’s Sarah and Adam’s Casey are great, and the song crescendos as they come storming into Chuck’s room to save him only to realize they’ve lost him to the enemy.

The way the music goes with that scene is just incredible.  Truly a great job.

So that’s my recommendation.

And yes, although I already owned some Frightened Rabbit songs, I immediately went onto iTunes and bought Keep Yourself Warm.  Well worth it for you too.

Let me see if I can upload the song: nope.  No luck.

So go buy it yourself.  And while you’re on iTunes, go ahead and buy the Season Two episode 1, watch that, and then buy the episode Versus the Fat Lady.  Just great television.

UPDATE: I figured out how to upload songs on WordPress…here you go.


One response to “You Won’t Find Love in a Hole

  1. I just watched all four episodes of season 2 with “Jill” (Jordana Brewster) in them and I couldn’t agree more with your post. As soon as I saw the end of that episode with where the Frightened Rabbits song was playing, I immediately feel in love with it, searched on youtube for the song and have been listening to it non stop since then. I’ve recently become a huge fan of Jordana Brewster after watching D.E.B.S. which I think was great. As a whole the movie was ok, but the love story between Lucy and Amy just totally sucked me into that movie. Just a simple feel good lesbian love story to make you smile.

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