Frightened Rabbit

Poor Little Rabbit

So I did the whole buy-one-song-on-iTunes-then-buy-lots-more-by-the-same-band thing I seem to do every so often. This time, it was Frightened Rabbit (see my Chuck post below).

One of the songs is called “The Twist.” It’s awesome! And I love the lyrics. So sad and dejected—which you all know suits my mood right now. But kind of funny in a loser-ish way:

You twist and whisper the wrong name
I don’t care nor do my ears
Twist yourself around me
I need company I need human heat
I need human heat

Lets pretend I’m attractive and then
You won’t mind, you can twist for a while
It’s the night, I can be who you like
And I’ll quietly leave before it gets light

To which I reply, “Dude…man up!”

I also love the lyrics to “Keep Yourself Warm,” which is the song I talk about below, from the Chuck episode. The line I really love there is “It’s takes more than f$#%*ing someone you don’t know to keep warm.” Which is true, but still pretty graphic. The whole song is graphic, by the way. But really, really good. Of course, what can you expect from a song which also has the lyrics: “If we have a hormone race, I’m bound to finish first.”

Can you just imagine a hormone race? I’m picturing Natalie Wood holding the scarf as two people in their hot rods gun their engines.

Like this:

Not Family Friends, But It Fits, Right?

Not Family Friendly, But It Fits, Right?


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