Valancy Jane

She Cracks Me Up

She Cracks Me Up

This is how I think of Veaj. This is likely how I’ll always think of Veaj, even when we’re 80.

Of course, when Veaj is 80, she’ll probably still be jumping on top of desks. But if you want someone who can put a smile on your face, she’s the one.

Can you tell I’m a fan?

One thing that amazes me. How much she updates all the social media. MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, and I’m sure Twitter and lots of other ones I don’t even know about. Me, I’m lucky if I can post on this blog once or twice a week. She also responds to comments almost immediately on any of those. It’s amazing.

And she puts herself out there. I’m LNU because I like my anonymity. She’s living life out loud, that’s for sure. And she doesn’t hide her downs, or tone down her ups. That’s admirable, I think.


One response to “Valancy Jane

  1. That made me cry. But like, cry in the good way, while standing on my desk.

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