Early Sunday Morning

It’s about 6am Sunday morning. I’ve been up for almost an hour. Three of my four kids are sleeping in the bed with us. It’s a little crowded. Not that I’m complaining, not really. It’s cute, how much they love to cuddle with me and Mrs. LNU. And secretly (not-so-secretly, really…I’ve told Mrs. LNU, and you, come to think of it) I love it. For my kids, I’m still the person who can make the bad dreams go away.

But it also means that I don’t sleep so well, and today—like a lot of days recently—I have stuff on my mind. Mainly, of course, the job situation. It’s about 75 days until I’m unemployed. I’ve had one interview, with another two scheduled, and one more on the horizon. Plus two jobs that I have a shot at, but haven’t heard back even on the interview yet. So I’ve got irons in the fire. And I really hope one will drop.

The good news is that I am coming home earlier than ever, and in time to put the kids to bed. So they’re seeing me around more, which is always good.

You hear a lot about “quality” time. And spending concentrated amounts of time with your kids is important, making each of them feel special.

But no parent really thinks “quality” time is enough. What’s really important is quantity time. Just being around. There really is no substitute for it. It’s amazing how important it is that the kids see me kiss their mother, and hold her hand, and just putter around the house. That’s just incredibly important, because it’s a signal to them that their world is where it should be. That everything is in its place. When I’m not around, they don’t get that.

Anyway, for any other insomniacs out there: good morning.


One response to “Early Sunday Morning

  1. That is such a sweet scene. Good luck with your job hunt. I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

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