A Crappy Memorial Day

So where did you spend Memorial Day?  In the emergency room?  No?  Well, then your day was better than mine.

I was out in the morning doing some errands when I got a call from Mrs. LNU saying that our youngest had gotten into her bag, into a zippered compartment, gotten his hands on a bottle of her thyroid medicine, somehow had opened a “child-proof” cap, and “ate some of mommy’s candy.”  Three pills, he said.

Now, on the plus side, I got to find out what going 85mph in a Honda minivan feels like.  We threw our kids, still in their PJs, into the car and rode to the hospital.  Mrs. LNU went in while I waited outside with the other three.  We didn’t want to wait in the waiting room because the whole thing was filled with people with surgical masks on, supposedly to prevent swine flu.  We’ll leave the difference between being protected and feeling protected for another post.  Suffice it to say that my already freaked out wife wasn’t ready to have our other three sitting in the flu trough.  So outside we went.

Can I digress a moment?  Why is it that a hospital cafeteria would sell a prepackaged muffin with 540 calories and 3.4 billion grams of fat?  Are they trying to drum up business?  Meanwhile, one bad cup of coffee and one dripping-with-fat muffin later, with my other kids having had their chocolate milk and Rice Krispies etc., and having exhausted other things to do (my daughters racing each other, up the stairs and down the handicap ramp, each going the opposite way), we went back to sit outside the ER.  Then we finally got to join Mrs. LNU and the youngster in the ER, where his teeth were black from drinking the charcoal stuff they use to bind the medicine.  Our pediatrician says he’s not worried at this point, although the ER doctor told us that Poison Control said that the particular medicine takes about five days to really get up to levels they can detect.  So another couple of days and I can sleep again.

And of course Mrs. LNU and I were snapping at each other the rest of the day, bleeding off the stress from the morning.  So it was one argument after another, over the most stupid, meaningless things.  Those of you who are married will know exactly what I’m talking about, how the stupidest things spark an argument when you’re stressed from some other reason.  So we end up arguing about where on the dining room table we put the mail, when we’re really just worried about our kid.

I hope you had a better Memorial Day than I did.


2 responses to “A Crappy Memorial Day

  1. Here’s hoping the little one is just fine, black teeth notwithstanding.

    And yes, I SO know about those arguments.

  2. Wow. I bet that was scary!

    I had a similiar situation in which Mr. C got into the bottle of whiskey. Good things never come of that! 🙂

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