Man Up

It’s the flu. Dangerous for children and the elderly.

Just like it’s been for the past 20 years.

No need for riots.

This reminds me of something I read or heard once about local news. Once I started listening for it, I saw how right this was. Local news needs to scare you into watching it. No one watches local news any more. There’s national news, and the Internet. Local news is basically nothing anymore. So, in order to get you to watch, they need to make you think that there’s something on tonight that you just can’t miss. So the promos always go something like, “see how the latest craze affects your children.” “See how eating disorders are hitting local families.” Something to make it relevant to you. 

That’s what the news on Swine Flu is like.  Oh No!  There are 7 reported cases in Germany.  Who gives a shit? 

I remember before the internet where nothing that happened Europe, news, I mean, came to the US, so we didn’t fear anything that happened there.  These days, if a child is kidnapped in Ohio, we’ll hear about it 10 minutes later along with the street cam pictures of the abduction.  So people are a lot more afraid now, because of that.  People simply know more of what’s happened.  That strikes me as both good and bad.

Thoughts, Internet?


2 responses to “Man Up

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    And the 1rst US casualty was a kid from Mexico. Does that count?

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