Hmm…let’s see. We need pictures of Air Force One. Where should we get them?

I know! Let’s fly a huge converted 747 over lower Manhattan.

But we need good pictures, close up.

So let’s fly really, really low.

And we need some drama.

So let’s fly some F-16 fighter jets after it.

The fact that the above represented an actual thought process astounds.

The fact that no one thought to say, “is this a good idea?” also astounds.

In good news, one of my employees called me—several times before she got through to me (I was on another call)—to tell me to flee the building. Nice to know she doesn’t want me dead.


One response to “Stupidity

  1. hee hee. That really says something when your employees don’t want you dead! (Or at least one of them…)

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