Irony Alert

Two lines from the same article in today’s New York Times’ Vows section.  And yes, that’s regular reading for me.

BENJAMIN MACFARLAND III spent years dating women who had little interest in anything beyond sunbathing, horseback riding and going to clubs — an attitude that was far from unusual in Palm Beach, Fla., where his family has lived for four generations.  Mr. Macfarland, 28, …knew that he needed more. He felt even emptier and more dissatisfied with his personal life when his father died in 2004 after undergoing surgery.

[I’m going to have this same quote in the “Non-Sequitur Alert” which will be the next post.  That father’s-passing line came out of nowhere!]

But just a little further down in the same article…

At a cocktail party in 2006 he was introduced to Christina Matthews, who had moved to New York after graduating from the University of North Carolina. Given his own roots, he already knew that Ms. Matthews was a descendant of Henry Morrison Flagler, a founder of Standard Oil and master builder of Florida’s east coast. Yet it was her eyes, not her family history, that intrigued Mr. Macfarland that night.

“When I saw her I got lost in her blue eyes,” he said. “I always wanted to marry a brunette with blue eyes.”

No shame there at all.  First paragraph, he’s a deep, sensitive soul with a need for a deep connection.  Not 10 seconds later, he’s all “as long as she’s easy on the eyes, who cares about other things like what she wants from life.”  Oh, I’m sorry.  She’s also well pedigreed.

Or am I just cranky this morning?


3 responses to “Irony Alert

  1. Not at all. That is way obnoxious.

  2. I’m not really sure what to say to that. If I read that in our local paper, I would think someone was making fun of him…

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