A Really, Really Nice Sunday

I had such a nice Sunday, even though most of it was just us getting ready for Passover. Including lots of work around the house (which I normally hate). But then we were taken out to dinner by my mother-in-law—I have the best mother-in-law in the world—and, walking out of the restaurant, Mrs. LNU captured this picture. Me and the boys.

Night, with my sons

Night, with my sons

It’s hard to describe how much I love my boys. Seriously, they’d have to invent new technology to measure it. My youngest child, and second son, is getting to that age where he’s talking more and expressing himself, and he’s the cutest thing. My older son is a regular chatterbox already. And they’re so different. It’s crazy how different they are. And how early they get their own opinions. Whenever I ask, “do you want _______,” they each have a definite answer. For example, I’m frankly wondering how any son of mine can be a vegetarian. But my older son seems to naturally detest meat and chicken.

One day, I’ll tell you about how much I love my girls.


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