I read this book series once, a truly great one, called the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Written by Stephen Donaldson, the six (now eight) books in the series are a truly amazing set of books.

That’s not what I’m writing about. The concept of unbelief, though, an outright refusal to believe what’s in front of your eyes, strikes me. Today, especially.

Why today? Because Mrs. LNU told me today of a web site that caters to Orthodox Jews. What kind of site, you ask? A site to tell them where to find good kosher food? A site to help them find a synagogue? A site to let them know where to buy yarmulkes?

No, it’s a site to help Orthodox Jews find someone to commit adultery with.

No, I won’t link to it, or even mention the name of the site. I see this as a sign of the decline of Western Civilization as we know it.

My point being, even after Mrs. LNU told me of the site, and I went and looked at it (with her on the phone…don’t think I didn’t see that snide comment coming a mile away), I didn’t believe it was real. I still think it’s a scam of some sort, or a ruse. The NY Post ran an article yesterday about it. The article said it has 350 members. I just don’t believe it.

Call me Hank the Unbeliever.

What do you think, Internet?


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