Search for Clear Skies

Search for Clear Skies

Originally uploaded by Hank LNU

Sometimes I really dislike modernity. And I wonder what it would have
been like to live before all this, before power lines, phone lines,
asphalt, sidewalks, potholes, sewers and the like. When it was pure,
hundreds of years ago, before anyone set foot here.

But before you go all nostalgic, it was also before penicillin,
surgery, anti-bacterials, anti-fungals, before Nexium and Claritin,
Sudafed and insulin. No telephone lines means no telephones. No faxes
or emails. No Facebook, no MySpace, no Drudge. No Youtube. No
television either. Few houses and no House. No real knowledge of
anatomy and no Grey’s Anatomy. No x-rays, MRIs, or CAT scans. No
flouride in the drinking water. It might be cleaner water, but with no
filtration plants the water you actually drink would be much dirtier.

Average life expectancy about 45. Average marrying age about 14.

Is modern convenience worth modernity?



3 responses to “Search for Clear Skies

  1. I’m going to go with yes, although I do sometimes fantasize about going off the grid in the middle of nowhere. I think I’d get lonely, though.

    Welcome back!

  2. Growing up, my ideal life was centered on a huge, sprawling ranch that was self-supporting. Modern conveniences are nice (and safer) but sometimes I wonder what it would’ve been like to live back in the old days.

  3. Personally, I LOVE living in this modern world. Without it, I wouldn’t know you.

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