A Good Start

The new year, wow, it’s gonna be a doozy.

We have an economy in meltdown. Consumer confidence approaching the I’m-sure-life-is-just-one-big-Ponzi-scheme levels. Hot wars in Iraq and in the Middle East. Pakistani and Indian troops both massing at the border. A Chicago governer selling a Senate seat. A guy stealing $50 billion. A new, completely inexperienced President (although he has, I’m forced to admit, made some pretty decent choices for Cabinet positions). Companies laying off people by the tens of thousands.

And yet in all this, we also have new love, and a pregnancy.

So really, I think it’s going to be a fan-dab-tastic year.

Or an outright disaster. One of the two.

But just for tonight: Happy New Year!

We can start worrying again tomorrow.


One response to “A Good Start

  1. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and best of luck in 2009!

    And yes I gave up worrying while I was on vacation. Except for wondering if my fed ex goody box would make it in time for xmas 😉

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