Hello? Anyone here?

Wow, it’s been so long I almost forgot my password to the WordPress site.

I’m still swamped, mind you. Just right now, though, there’s a break in the clouds, which I’m sure is just the eye of the storm.

I’m convinced that Green tea is someone’s idea of a joke. It’s all gonna come out sooner or later. Someone said, “let’s see if we can’t get people to drink something that looks exactly like human urine. I know, let’s make up a totally fake health benefit. I know! Zero-oxidation. No. Anti-oxidation. Not quite…anti-oxidants! Yes! It has 165 mg of antioxidants. Now drink your piss.”

I’m sure that’s exactly what happened.

I say, as I sit here drinking it.

Why is the new season of Entourage not on iTunes? It’s practically over, the new season, and nada. That pisses me off.

I feel lucky to have a job. Even one that keeps me working 14 hours a day.


One response to “Hello? Anyone here?

  1. Green tea does look like piss. Except, unlike you, I cannot bring myself to drink it. You are a brave one.

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