In case you didn’t know, that’s the sound of me, under water.

I have so much stuff at work right now I’m not doing anything else, even blogging.

While I was away on my business trip, I liveblogged, but that’s gonna be about it.

Unless, of course, I see something cool. I’ll snap a quick pic on the iPhone (oh, how do I love thee, iPhone? Let me count the ways…on the new counter App I got on iTunes) and post it.

And I have some pent up feelings ready to break through the surface in an unending stream of rants thoughts about our new President-elect. Those are bound to be the subject of a post, and soon.

So, folks, just stay tuned, and check back in every once in a while.


One response to “Glub…Glub…Glub

  1. Warn me before you post the president elect post. I get too worked up then I get stressed out. I’m sure I’ll agree with everything you say though.

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