Mrs. LNU

Let me tell you how great my wife is.

She and I had a big fight a long time ago when I was blogging on another blog.  I went out and met some other bloggers.  She was not a real fan of that.  In fact, she was downright pissed.  Majorly pissed.

You know how some people just don’t get blogging?  She’s one.  She just doesn’t get it.  Doesn’t understand at all why I—or anyone, really—blogs.

I generally keep my blogging from her.  Not that there’s anything inappropriate here, or in any email correspondence under the Hank LNU gmail address.  And it’s not like I hide it.  I just don’t talk about it.

The other day, she went on the computer (to give you some idea, she just this year got her first email address) and my  blog email was up on the gmail.  She called and asked why some strange person’s email was on the computer.  I told her it was mine, she asked me if I still blogged.  I said yes.  She seemed a little weird about it.

Then she left me a message on my answering machine saying that it was fine and that she trusted me and it wasn’t a problem.

How cool is she?

And, Internet, am I wrong?


3 responses to “Mrs. LNU

  1. Mr. C is the same way with my blog. He has no interest in reading it, but he knows about both of them. I guess I’m the nosey one out of us… b/c I’d be reading EVERY word if he wrote a blog!

  2. I was just thinking about this the other day. I find it so odd, myself, that people don’t get it. I mean, human kind has been keeping written journals/diaries for years. Now that we have the technology to support it, blogging was started on the diary idea. Only thing is, they’re public. That is, if you want them to be. What’s the big deal though?

    My boyfriend would never be the type of person to blog or for that matter, read blogs. He knows I have one and supports it only by knowing I have one and not having a problem with it. He’s aware that I write about him. But he doesn’t support it by reading it and in many ways, I like it that way.

    Nowadays, there’s a blog on every major website.

  3. It’s like finally getting approval for something. It’s not that you needed permission, not exactly, but having her aknowledge that it’s okay validates your hobby. It validates the fact that you want to do it, and that side of you.

    I have a luddite friend who is afraid of technology in that same sense. We’ve learned to talk about other things, since her lack of comprehension and my lack of fear seems to be a sticking point.

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