Finding Good Reads For You

Just wandering around while watching One Tree Hill (shut it.  I’ve heard them all).

And through J and J Acres, I came across a Twitter of Jessica.  And what do I see?

“Arrr! it be talk like a pirate day! (which is really difficult in german)”

I’m so following her Twitter updates now.  And I’ll be reading her blog too.  So should you.

The Tex-Pat.

Thank me later.


4 responses to “Finding Good Reads For You

  1. lol nice to e-meet you matey. 🙂

  2. I think I LOVE her blog! Thanks for finding it and posting it.

  3. hee hee. I bet it would be hard to talk like a pirate in German!

  4. *waves hi*

    Remember me? 😉

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