The Most Inept Salesman

So you need some background on this one: about 2 years ago my company had an employee discount on Carnegie Hall tickets, and there was a chamber music festival going on, and I thought it would be nice to take Mrs. LNU out for a night.  Dinner and chamber music.  Romantic, right?  Never been to Carnegie Hall before or since.

So today I got a call on my cell phone—my cell phone, mind you—from a Carnegie Hall salesman saying that since I was “a preferred patron” of Carnegie Hall, he’d like to sell me on this season.  He went on and on about how I was a “preferred patron.”

I was like, “dude, I went there once.  Two years ago.”  He was all “we have a lot of great seats, what would you like to hear?  I have the Australian Chamber Music whatever with whoever conducting.”  I wanted to yell at him, “Dude!  I went there ONCE!  Two years ago!  And now you’re calling me on my CELL!  How the hell did you even get this number??”

What I actually said was “I don’t think we’d be interested.  But thanks for the offer.”

I’m such a telesales wuss.


One response to “The Most Inept Salesman

  1. Aw, you probably just felt bad for the guy – hopefully he’s a volunteer and not some poor chump getting paid $7 an hour to sell tickets on the phone.

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