“Live” Blogging One Tree Hill

I’m at the Season 3 finale.

Nathan and Haylie are getting married, again.  Seriously, dudes, stick with the original vows.  Yours sound sappy and ridiculous.  As do most—if not all—self-written vows, I bet.

Nice new ring, though.


Clapping at the end of a ceremony.  When did that start?  They don’t do that at Jewish weddings.  Of course, as soon as they’re done, the dancing starts.

Deb admits she, and not Keith, was the one who tried to kill Dan.  Bummer for Dan, who murdered Keith in “revenge.”

Rachel and Coop.  Seriously, why is she so hung up.

And Peyton and Brooke not speaking.  Because Peyton still loves Lucas.  Again.  And Brooke doesn’t, or does, we’re not sure.

First dance.  Aww.

I’m wondering who’s going to be in the car wreck that Nathan dreamed about at the beginning.  Because you just know it’s going to happen.

Dan at Keith’s grave.  Apparition of young Keith haunting Dan in the background.  Dan broken and crying.  Doesn’t quite work on that douchebag.  He’s just not that good of an actor.

Brooke picking a fight with Lucas.  Lucas mistakenly confessing a kiss with Peyton when she thought she was dying.  Brooke walking out.  History repeats itself.

My bet is on Rachel as the car wreck victim.  “A kiss always means something.”  I love finding little bits of truth in stupid things.

And Lucas brings up the sleeping-with-Chris-Keller thing.  Oops.  “Oh great! You kiss Peyton, again, and I’m the one pushing you away!”  Nice line.  

Never trust a quiet Brooke when she says she’s not mad.  Because she probably is.

Lucas’s writers write a good speech.  And strangely, tied into what’s happening elsewhere on the show.  Serendipity?  Or plan?

And Brooke’s speech?  Going with the Shakespeare.  Always a safe bet.

Karen is pregnant.  Wow!  That wasn’t even on the radar.  Not expecting that, at all.  And Dan has a nice moment.  Guilt works wonders.

I skipped over Rachel’s stupidity.  And off they go in the limo.  I knew I was right about the car wreck.

Coop…that’s what you get for sleeping with a 17-year-old.  Dude, being a cradle-robber has consequences.

Driving off in the ‘stang.

And Brooke comforts Mouth.  Seriously, Mouth, it hasn’t been that long you’ve been hanging with the cool kids.  And Rachel is way, way out of your league.

Brooke forgives Lucas?  So quick?  Feels like that country western song, “Get Your Tongue Out of My Mouth Because I’m Kissing You Goodbye.”  Or not.

Oh, Nathan, don’t say things like, “I feel like the world can be perfect.”  Big mistake.  And pay attention to the road, dude.

And Lucas leaves Peyton by herself.  Nice.

Brooke breaks up with Peyton.  Harsh words, totally deserved.

Rachel humiliating herself a little more.

Who’s pregnant?  Rachel?  Haley?  Who?  Uh oh, “you’re good in a crisis,” never a good opening line.

And it’s Coop and Rachel off the bridge.  I hate it when that happens.

Nathan dives in.  

And someone knows Dan’s a murderer.  And Peyton starts burning things.

They’re really making things fall apart in the finale.  I love it.

Nathan doesn’t come up.  Oops.

End of Season.


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