The Power of the Internet

Sometimes, I just love blogging.  Today’s monster post (just below) is one example.  An opportunity to rant.

But ultimately, most blogs, including this one, are just vanity publications.  Self-involvement given digital form.

But not always.

Because of blogging, a two-year-old is getting a medical procedure to give her a normal life.  Go over to Veronica’s and tell her “well done!”  I just did.

Then go wish the mother well.

I’m actually a little emotional right now over this.  Go figure.

UPDATE: I decided to leave this post at the top for a little while.  It deserves it.


One response to “The Power of the Internet

  1. I burst into tears when Tiff emailed me last night to let me know that Ivy had been approved. I was so thrilled.

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