Why I’m a Republican

I should just say, “because I’m conservative,” but that wouldn’t do it.  And since Veaj has gotten all political lately (just kidding, Veaj), I figure I should respond.

I’m conservative because I think that the federal government screws things up by getting involved more often than it solves things.  I believe that the job of the federal government is to protect the citizenry from foreign threats, to pass laws for situations with national implications and need national direction, and to pass regulations only in those areas where the free market won’t adequately handle the problem.  And since the market works more efficiently than government does, those situations will be few and far between.

I’m conservative because I believe that just because I make a good salary I shouldn’t have to pay a greater proportion of my income in taxes than someone who makes less.  I understand it’s my duty to pay taxes, and I don’t have a problem with that.  But at this point, the government takes almost half my income.  Almost half.  Think about that.

I’m conservative because I believe a fetus is qualitatively different from a tumor.  The latter can be excised at the woman’s discretion.  The former…well, it’s different.  A fetus will grow into a child with a brain and a heart and a soul.  We can know when the brain and heart begin working; can we really know when the soul does?  And just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to an opinion.  This is a moral question, probably one of the greatest moral questions of our age.  I don’t know the solution, but the Democratic presidential nominee wants abortion on demand, and I have significant moral problems with that.

I’m conservative because I believe that enemy soldiers captured on a battlefield in a foreign country are not citizens of the United States deserving of constitutional protections.  We signed treaties to govern how we treat prisoners.  Our current enemies have decided not to sign those Conventions, and therefore have no rights whatsoever.  You take up arms against America at your peril.  These are people who are setting bombs to kill Americans, and firing guns at our soldiers.  The fact that we give them meals and Korans tells me how incredibly moral our armed forces are; we don’t owe them a day in court on top of that.  It’s important to remember that we didn’t start this fight.  But we’re in it now.  And losing it would expose my children to increased danger.  Treating our enemies as a domestic criminal problem is not only foolish, it’s downright dangerous.  Possibly suicidal.  And I’m not suicidal.  I value my life and my rights above the life of someone trying to kill me.  If they leave me alone, I’m the first one to say “live and let live.”  If they want their children to have no access to literature or music, so be it.  If they teach their children that I don’t deserve to live and that it’s the duty of every person to kill me as soon as possible, well, I have a problem with that.  Especially when they then give those children money, explosives training, and then explosives.  Until the Democrats show me that they care about me more than them, I simply will never vote for one of their candidates.

I’m conservative because I think that America is a force for good and peace in the world.  And the Democrats seem to think otherwise.  I read a great quote the other day, “it seems to me that the Republicans think that the government is broken, and needs fixing, and that the Democrats think that the country is broken, and needs fixing.”

I’m conservative because the Democrats’ language of moral equivalence makes me sick.  Obama’s call on both Russia and Georgia to take no action to further the violence was one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever read.  It’s like telling both the rapist and victim to take no action to have sex.  And no, I don’t use that analogy lightly.  I believe there is no comparison between Israel and its neighbors.  Israel is right, and it’s neighbors are wrong.  Israel is good, and it’s neighbors are evil.  The greatest quote I’ve heard on this is “if the Arabs put down their arms tomorrow there would be no more fighting.  If Israel put down its arms tomorrow there would be no more Israel.”  I’ve yet to hear anyone contradict that statement, but I’ve yet to hear a Democrat understand its lesson.  When there’s a suicide bombing in Israel, Israeli hospitals treat anyone, Arab or Israeli, who shows up.  Can you imagine what would happen to a Jew in a Palestinean hospital?  Besides, Palestinean ambulances are too busy bringing suicide bombers to the borders.  And no, I’m not making that up.  And don’t tell me about the silent masses who just want peace.  The silent masses elected Hamas.

I’m conservative because I believe that individual responsibility and accountability is more important than government intervention.  You want to make heroin illegal, fine.  When you make trans fats illegal, that’s just being my nanny.

I’m conservative because I believe that the public education system has lost its way.  And the Democrats’ solution is to throw more of my money at the problem even though America already spends more per child than other countries, even though we get worse results.  I believe that our public education system has decided it knows better than I do what my child needs to know about certain subjects like sex, homosexuality and other alternate lifestyles, and when my child needs to know it.  I believe that this is a Christian country, and a little religion doesn’t hurt as long as it’s not overly coercive.  A moment of silence doesn’t scar anyone.  Neither does saying “under G-d” in the Pledge of Allegience.  Which we can’t say anymore anyway.  I’m conservative because I do not believe this is an advancement in public education, but rather that it’s a sad, counterproductive development.

I’m a Republican because I see Democrats playing victim/identity politics more than Republicans do, and I’m sickened by that as well.

I’m a Republican because the editorial board of the New York Times is Democrat, and I’m at the point where I’m frankly against anything they’re for, and for anything they’re against.

And finally, I’m a Republican because from where I sit, the Democrats are just plain mean. There is no excuse, none, for how they treated Sarah Palin in the last few days.  That doesn’t drive my world view, but it’s a nice little piece of reinforcement and validation.


4 responses to “Why I’m a Republican

  1. Perfectly stated. I am not one to get all fired up about politics because I think there is so much wrong and it’s hard to think of anyone, either party, that can fix it. But this was, as I mentioned, perfectly stated. The exact reasons why I stand where I do in the political battle…

  2. I agree about the income. We get penalized because we’re educated and worked hard to get where we’re at?

    But yes, very well written.

  3. I disagree with much of what you wrote but still loved it.

    Well done.

  4. You need to wake up and see reality, you are living in a dream world . Israel will start ww III any day now, backed by u.s. government

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