I Think I Just Started A Meme…My Apologies

What I’m into now:

Music: Neutral Milk Hotel.  Though, last night I went on something of a Billy Joel & U2 buying binge on iTunes.  I have no idea where that came from.

TV: The Wire, Entourage

Movies: I have four little kids.  The last movie I saw was when I snuck out to see Iron Man.  I’ve also been waiting for a few movies to come on iTunes, so I can buy them: Network.  The Replacements (yes, a Keanu Reeves movie that I actually liked).  Keeping the Faith (about 25 minutes too long, but a really funny movie).

Books: I’ve been reading old books because I haven’t found anything new that I like.  I’ve been re-reading my old Anita Blake, Vampire Executioner books.  No, I’m definitely man enough to admit that.  (See the part about having four kids, above.  I’ve found that after 3, I feel I have nothing left to prove to anyone, except my children.)

Photograph: see the new banner?  I took that.  My two sons.  Yes, the one on the left is a boy.  Long story.

Really, photograph isn’t on that list, I just wanted to point out the new banner.  And I hate self-promotion, so I had to work it into a post.

OK, I really don’t hate self-promotion so much.


2 responses to “I Think I Just Started A Meme…My Apologies

  1. I go through a Neutral Milk Hotel phase every couple of years. I’m probably about due for another one.

    I like the new banner. I can totally tell that it’s a picture of two boys. It’s funny how some guys can pull off long hair and still be obviously male/masculine. This picture makes me think it’s something they’re born with.

  2. LOVE Entourage. I can’t wait for the new season.

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