On Blogging

Two interesting (OK, to me) things about my blog.

I’ve gotten several hits from random blogs because they’ve activated a feature that automatically generates posts that are “like” the one you just posted.  Weird.

The other thing I thought you’d like to know is who refers to me.  My top referrers—blogs that send people to me—are:

mythoughtsdm.blogspot.com 101 More stats
valancyjane.wordpress.com 51 More stats
lisabindacity.com 37 More stats
shoeism.blogspot.com 9 More stats
shoeistlikes.blogspot.com 9 More stats
jandjacres.com/blog 8

But that’s misleading, because, for example, Veaj has also sent me people from particular posts, and the log page doesn’t aggregate.

VJ actually sent me 71 visitors.

Seeing that…damn, I have to be nicer to Melina.

Oh, for the next few weeks, starting every Monday morning, the top referrer for that week will get a free iTunes song.


3 responses to “On Blogging

  1. Huh, too bad I’m not more popular! ; )

  2. everyone should be nice to me! ha ha…now I just need to post something 🙂

  3. Wow, I’m up on your list… even though I’m a LITTLE behind Melina!

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