I Don’t Read

At least, not anymore.  Not blogs.  Not like I used to.  I think this might be the first time that I really just don’t have the time, over an extended length of time, to read blogs.

Not even my faves.  OK, I still keep up with Veaj.  But that’s about it.

Not that I don’t open your sites.  I do.  Every morning I go to my own blog and open all my frequent reads links.  Every one.  Then, during the day, I try to go through them.  But it just doesn’t happen at all.  Indexed sometimes.  KJ.  OverThinker, Diary of Why.  Amber, sometimes.  But not on any consistent basis.

And I was actually hoping to start interviewing again.  I did these recorded phone interviews with people that were really fun.  Of course, I had the time then to go through the recording and improve the sound quality piece by piece.  I really didn’t like my job then.  I’m in a new one now which takes up way more time. 

So that’s my story.  I write when the mood strikes me.  I read rarely.

I miss it.  Finding new blogs for you to read was something that I really, really enjoyed. I hope to be able to once again.


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