Five AM to 10 PM

I’ve barely time to do anything.  I’m up at 4:45am because I have to catch a 5:34am train because I have 7:30am meetings.  Then I work all day.  I get home around 9pm.  I haven’t slept well, haven’t seen my kids in days.  I’m arguing with the wife, mainly because of the no-sleep and no-kids things make me grouchy.  And I’m underpaid (though I’m perfectly willing to admit that in today’s economy I’m lucky to have a job and also that everyone feels that they’re underpaid).  

And I’m just so damn tired.

So why am I up at 11:15pm instead of asleep?  Because I’m stupid.  I’m into this new TV show, The Wire.  Best show on television.  Up there with the Sopranos.  Funny how two of the best shows ever on television are about the same thing: the Baltimore police department.  The Wire is.  And the other is Homicide: Life on the Street.  That was an awesome show.  Andre Braugher was one of the best actors on TV, ever.  There was this one scene I remember, where he goes into the box (the interview room) with a guy who was really stupid, but innocent.  And the detectives knew he was innocent.  But the Brass wanted a confession.  So Andre goes into the box and intellectually maneuvers this guy into confessing to a crime he didn’t commit.  The scene was awe inspiring.

But I digress.

Why are people so surprised that I’m right wing?  I was talking to some people today who were harshing on the President, and asked me essentially what I hated most about the guy.  I said that I was the wrong person to ask because I’m in the 26% who still likes him.  They all looked at me like I had two heads.  Anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m completely conservative.  Big Ann Coulter fan.  Michelle Malkin.  Jonah Goldberg.  Mark Steyn.  Daniel Pipes.  Jay Nordlinger.  Basically the entire National Review.  They’re right and everyone else is wrong.  Dangerously wrong.  And slightly delusional.  Wrong and delusional are fine if you’re talking about baseball, and how you actually like the Yankees and not the Red Sox.  That’s wrong and delusional.  But wrong and delusional when you’re talking about people who want to kill my kids is not something I can ever take lightly.  Or excuse.  Or usually even stay silent about.

But I digress again.

This was really going to be a short post about me being tired and unhappy.  How did I get onto that other crap?

Can someone please give me suggestions on how to make myself happier?  And nothing about better living through modern chemistry.  I need some activities that will take my mind away from money troubles, from tiredness, feeling underappreciated, all that crap.

How about it, my dear Reader?  Any suggestions?  And if it’s location based, remember that I’m in the City.  The Big Apple.  The City that Never Sleeps.

Ah, yes, the original point.

Good night.

[Hey, I’m in the suburbs.  I can sleep a little.]


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