When do you hold the door

When do you hold the door

Originally uploaded by Hank LNU

At what point in the hall must a person be before you hold the door
for them?

It’s a LONG hallway.


2 responses to “When do you hold the door

  1. Ugh. Since I work with 95% males, I run into this type of stuff all the time. We’re coworkers but they hold the door open for me. I’m okay with it now, but I used to wonder how I should act… should I hold the door for the group if I go first next time?

    I never hold the door though. It’d be weird I think.

    And I think holding the door is good if the person is a couple steps away from the door. Otherwise, forego.

  2. i agree with jen. if the person is close then i would say hold the door…if not then just go through it. watch and see what other people do as well. i guess you could treat others the way they treat you. if they hold the door for you and wait for you to get there then you could do the same for them. of course you would have to have a good memory to remember who does what when it comes to door holding etiquette!

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