Have you ever noticed that people sometimes get unintentionally ironic?  Generally, when one starts a sentence with “Respectfully,” or “With all due respect…” they’re generally going to be disrespectful.  Though, to be fair, the “with all due respect” starter does beg the question of how much respect is due.

In particular, you never want to hear this sentence in a deposition (and I’m a trial lawyer, so I know): “Respectfully, I think he’s just referring to the fact that he can see your breasts.”


Go here, and read the deposition transcript.


3 responses to “Respectfully….

  1. Very, very funny!

    My personal thing is “No offense but…” which literal translation means “You are an absolute idiot and I want to shake you until your teeth rattle” 😉

  2. Okay, that was really funny. And I agree with Lisa that the greats ones usually start with: “No offense, but…” hee hee.

  3. that was hysterical! and the comments cracked me up too!

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