Probably Needed To Rethink

I just read of a marriage proposal.  Two prosecutors.  One gets a summons from a judge, and when she gets to the courtroom, her beloved is there, and when asked why he was there, he says:

“I’m guilty of being madly in love with you,” he replied.

He bent down on one knee and blurted: “Sentence me to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Oops.  “Sentence me to spend the rest of my life with you.”  Wow.  That’s just not the thing to say to your girlfriend.  Even if it was a marriage proposal.

I bet you could hear the crickets.  The article just says, “silence ensued.”  I just bet silence ensued.  And I bet it was that kind of massively oppressive silence that calls for a *crickets* mood indicator.

Boy, does he have a lot to learn about being a husband.

Clue number 1: don’t tell your love that you feel like living with her is a jail sentence.

Tomorrow we’ll move on to more advanced stuff like, “no, what she’s wearing doesn’t make her look fat.”


2 responses to “Probably Needed To Rethink

  1. Well that’s just a sad attempt at a proposal. Poor guy.

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