Under Water

I’m so swamped.  So very, very swamped.  Besides work, and home, it’s Passover.  Which means I can’t have real coffee, only the instant crap.

Can you imagine how pissed at the world I am?  No coffee.

Should I say that again?  

No coffee.

Not even a little bit.

Maybe one more time will drive the message home.

No coffee.

So I’m sitting here watching NCIS on my new 24″ iMac.  With the TV writers strike, I’ve had to, how shall we say, branch out in my TV watching.  I’ve gone through 2 1/2 seasons of Prison Break, 1 1/2 seasons of The Loop, 1 1/2 seasons of Brotherhood, and one episode of Forever Knight.  Which was really, really bad.  Forgive me.  But I like vampire stuff, so bite me.  

The pun was intended.

Have I mentioned how tired I am?


2 responses to “Under Water

  1. No coffee is not ok.

  2. Was The Loop even on for more than a season?

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