I Need Some Advice, Internet

OK, so I need to know what level of gross factor this is:

Suppose someone—who shall remain unnamed—threw away three containers of peanut butter (it’s almost Passover, and peanut butter is verbotten). I This person then went down to the cafeteria and bought lunch.  But unlike past days, in the cafeteria this day were some really delicious-looking Golden Delicious apples.

You have to understand, these apples are best when eaten with peanut butter.  So this person then went back to the trash can and dug out his jar of peanut butter.  The jar was always closed up.  There was nothing else in the trash can when I this person picked it out.

What’s the gross-factor rating on this one?


10 responses to “I Need Some Advice, Internet

  1. 1.

    There might have been some icky stuff in the trash can that got on the outside of the jar, and then possibly on your hands, and then onto your food.
    But the odds of this are small, so I say it’s a one.

    I assume this was the trash under your desk, where one mainly throws away paper and coffee cups. Not the kitchen trash where one throws away chicken bones and whatever jammed up the garbage disposal. That, honestly, would earn you a rating of at least four, three if you instantly washed the outside of the peanut butter jar when you pulled it back out.

  2. Meh, not too bad. Enough to think to yourself, “Eww” but then move on quickly after that thought.

  3. I may (or may not) wipe the outside of the jar with a wet cloth… then I’d DIG IN!! No dog hair? No old banana peel? Then you’re golden… so to speak.

  4. As a lover of peanut butter, one that will just eat it out of the jar, I say 0 or 1.

    And also because it makes me feel better that I almost pulled some chips out of the garbage last night. ALMOST.

  5. I think Kristabella is lying about the “almost” part.
    Not that I judge her for that.

  6. It depends on how down in the garbage the completely closed jar was 😉

  7. Ok, so I’m thinking, Peanut Butter and Apples????? EWWWWWWWWWWW. Gross. The peanut butter out of the trash can by itself… not so much gross.

  8. So, Twinkie…picking things out of the trash isn’t bad, but apples and peanut butter—one of the best snacks every invented by man—are gross?

    First, let me restate: there was nothing in the trash except for my peanut butter jars. It was a new trash bag (they put new ones in every night), and so no liquids or solids of any sort.

    The jar was closed shut the whole time.

    In my defense, the apples and peanut butter was really good.

  9. Apples and peanut butter are the best snack EVER.

    All is acceptable when in pursuit of such a treat. And it’s not like you put it in the garbage. Just a bag, where you otherwise might have kept garbage. I’d say it’s pretty low on the gross scale, and I probably would have done the same.

  10. I’d do it. In a heartbeat. Maybe I’d vomit later, but thems the breaks.

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