Don’t Get It

Now, you all know I’m a bit of a prude. Or, to be fair, just very, very conservative.

That said, I’m a (relatively) young, heterosexual male, and so I’m a fan of Angelina, Jaclyn Smith, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and the Super Bowl. And as you can see from my banner, the Red Sox. All masculine pursuits.

I had a friend who was married to a guy who she caught having cybersex. I don’t even know what that means, really, because the terms are self-contradictory. If it’s “cyber,” then it’s not “sex.” But trying to put the Internet and logic in the same room always leads to a migraine.

I never saw the appeal of sex on the Internet. Of course, I never saw the appeal of watching golf on TV. Playing it, yes. Watching it, no.

I’m getting around, slowly, to my point.

So I was blogsurfing just now. I played a little game with myself: start on a page with a lot of links. In this case, I started with Lisa B in Da City. [And thanks Lisa for putting my blog on your list of daily reads.] Anyway, so start with Lisa B, and click on whatever link strikes your fancy, just from the name. I went somewhere, and on that site, clicked through on another link, and another, andd another.

The thing I don’t like, particularly, is that by the third site, I was reading essentially porn. It was one site after the next with sex stories. Now, Girl with a One Track Mind does it well. Most others just end up sounding classless. Is that judgmental? And I feel a little judgmental, because most of these idiots were young women who were trying to do something, I don’t know what, but they end up sounding overwritten.

Anyway, I’ll write more tomorrow.  I’m wiped.


2 responses to “Don’t Get It

  1. OMG, I thought for a moment you said I had porn on my blog 😉

    Need. More.Coffee.

    And you are welcome, your blog IS one of my daily pleasures!!!

  2. I don’t get it either. It’s kind of like writing about your job, someone will Google you at some point and that’s what is going to be your downfall.

    Remember the chick Jessica Somethingorother who wrote all about her sexcapades with US Senators and got fired, etc?

    So yeah, what I’m saying is I don’t get it either.

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