A Keeper

So I might have mentioned that I’ve been blogsurfing a little, and not finding anything I like, or at least that I’m willing to spend my time reading. I’m turning into an old fogey, I know. Though I recently heard the term “young fogey” which captures me exactly. (I collect old fountain pens and very old maps).

Anyway, all that sifting through crap to find The Art of Overthinking. I like to think I have an eye for talent: I can claim that I found MooCow before just about anyone else (and where the hell is that guy, anyway?), and I recommended Veaj way back in December 2004. Back when she was in the lobby.

And you know that I had to be impressed because her top post, at least right now, is a meme. And you all know me to be meme-phobic. But in the same post is a photo-comparison of her and Kellie Martin, who she calls “prissy pants.” While admitting the resemblance.

Just go take a look. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and entertained.


One response to “A Keeper

  1. Man–I just saw a link to this post off of Technorati. THANK YOU. You’ve made my month. Absolutely made it.

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