I’m Usually Not This Stupid

So I’m eating these delightfully delicious Godiva Chocoiste things.  It’s not a bar, exactly.  Two small bars, about an inch long, that’s just chocolate covered caramel.

Hey, I’m a full service site:

Godiva Chocoiste

Anyway, that’s just me learning the flashy WordPress image importing.  Sorry.

I’m sitting here with my coffee and chocolate, which really are two great tastes that taste great together.  And I take a sip of my coffee and then a bite of my chocolate.

One other piece of information.  In the lobby store where I work, they sell a couple of different kinds of these Chocoiste things.  Dark chocolate with chocolate caramel, milk chocolate with vanilla caramel, you get the idea.  I like the milk chocolate, but the key is that there are different flavors.

I take a bite of my chocolate, and say to myself, “wow, this doesn’t taste like vanilla.  Maybe I bought the coffee one by mistake.”

He says, as he looks down and sees, right next to the chocolate, his cup of coffee!

I know you won’t believe me now, but I really am an intelligent guy.


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