Crying My Eyes Out

When is it OK for a man to cry?  Man law says that men can only cry in very limited circumstances.  If you have a limb cut off, it’s OK.  But only for one of the major limbs.  If it’s a finger, you have to man up and take it.

Or if your ’53 Corvette is wrecked.  A tear or two—but only one or two—is acceptable.

I’ve watched Miracle I don’t even know how many times.  But I sit here at my computer crying, again, watching us beat the Soviet’s in 1980.  That movie is just so awesome.  I can’t seem to watch the end of that movie without tears.  

“Johnson over to Ramsey.  Bilyaletdinov gets checked by Ramsey.  McClanahan is there.  The puck is still loose.  11 seconds.  You’ve got 10 seconds.  The countdown is going on right now.  Morrow, up to Silk.  5 seconds left in the game.  DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?  YES!

If you were alive in 1980, and above the age of 4, you knew how important that game was to people, how after the end of the ’70s, we were desperate for a morale boost. I think had I been alive in 1942, we would have understood the effect of Jimmy Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo. Carter. Gas lines. The hostages, every night on TV with the days. The “malaise” speech. Desert One. The invasion of Afghanistan. The Red Army menace. Duck and cover drills (like hiding under your desk would protect you from a nuclear explosion.) And then this.

How can you not cry?


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