Who Has the Time

So I’ve been blogsurfing again.  I started from KJ’s new site (the link on the right goes to her new place, so click away), and went from her comments on blog safari.

I came across a site.  Cool layout, nice large type.  (I have a thing about small type.  And it’s been that way for a long time…those links are from two of my first posts in my second blogging life—and yes, there’s a story there—way back in December 2004.  If you want to know more about me, read that old blogger site.)

Digression: I just spent 20-30 minutes reading through that old site.  Wow, that brings back memories.

Anyway, like I said, nice site an all.  But her posts were like, 10,000 lines long.  Seriously, who has that kind of time?  I’m not advocating Twitter or anything, but damn, mini-novellas every post.  Now, even I can wax poetic sometimes, but my average post is a few paragraphs at most.  I don’t care if you’re Stephen King, if you’re going to write a blog, write a damn blog.

UPDATE: A Few Minutes Later: Man what a grouch am I?  Is it because it’s 1:30am?  Probably.


3 responses to “Who Has the Time

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  2. Hey, thanks for the visit.

    Yes, you can upgrade wordpress, but I think its only if its your own site, not the wordpress free blog site.

  3. I need to read slower because at first I was like WTF? Why would be be saying such mean and nasty things about me?

    And then I realized it was someone else.

    Carry on!

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