Digging Up New Blogs For You

Once again, I’m doing the pinball blogging thing, where I go from comment to blog to comment to new blog until I find something I like.

And boy, did I find it.  Here’s a great post, and a funny story, and free stuff, all rolled into one.  And, by the way, a great photo.

Go read Diary of Why.  I mean, anyone that can balance a big purple ball on her nose can’t be all bad, can she?  Even if she does use Blogger.  Oh, and by the way, I’ve rediscovered my loathing of blogger.  A toblerone for anyone who remembers that.  Another one for anyone who remembers why I give out Toblerones.


4 responses to “Digging Up New Blogs For You

  1. Hey Hank! (Am I allowed to call you Hank or does that threaten your online anonymity?) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you like it! I do apologize for my Blogger usage, you see, it’s just that otherwise I’m functionally illiterate, web page-wise. And why do you hate Blogger? It’s run by Google! What’s not to love?

    I’ll forgive you though, since you’re a Sox fan.


  2. And she’s polite!

    Yes, I’m very big on blogiquette, as my long-time reader knows.

    Leaving a “thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment” reciprocomment is very polite.

    Hey, I made up two words in one comment. What’s the word for that?

  3. You give out toblerones because you love us.

  4. Hi Hank!

    I read your comments on Diary of Why too! I can not believe that a guy who’s had his heart broken the worst ever, after only knowing a girl for three weeks doesn’t like band of horses. How can you not love a band who has lyrics like “no one is ever going to love you more than I do…” *sigh*

    I haven’t heard of the bands you’ve mentioned, but I will look them up.

    Oh yea! Nice to meet you too!

    PS: you give out toblerones :O:O:O

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