Too Funny

This was just too funny not to re-post.  What’s your most dreaded, funny date story?  After reading Stephanie’s, I’m frankly tempted to start a new blog called “Licking Up the Jello.”

Mine funniest is a girl saying, about how she’s intuitive: “you know, I just have a fifth sense about that sort of thing.”

I’m still wonder which sense she’s missing.


2 responses to “Too Funny

  1. I have an embarrassing date story. I blogged about it January 2007 HERE and got some good responses. It made me feel better about myself. tee hee. Here it is, ok?

    I have this little teeny tiny mole on my chin(right under my lips) that hair grows out of so I have to constantly pluck the frucker.

    Usually, as soon as I see the growth I pluck it so nobody really knows it’s there. Other times, I forget and it grows so fast I can’t keep up.

    Well a looooooooooooong time ago I was dating this guy and we were making out.. or starting to, anyways.

    He freaken BITES the hair off.

    I said, “OUCH! WHAT THE FRUCK?”

    He starts laughing and says, “Sorry it was bugging me.”

    I was sooooo embarrassed. Oh well. Actually I don’t know if I was more embarrassed than I was annoyed at him. It HURT dammit! Especially since I wasn’t expecting it.

  2. OH. BTW.. your link didn’t work. I wanted to read Stephanies most embarrassing date story but I got nothin’!

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