It’s Not Paranoia If They’re Really After You

I remember a Woody Allen quote, “I have to live in New York.  You see, I’m a paranoid, and New York City is the only place where my fears are justified.”

So that’s a piece of background.  The other is, I used to prosecute people who go on the internet and proposition minors for sex.

So I surf a bit, obviously, and I continually come across sites about kids.  And they have lots of baby pictures.  Now, I have four kids, as both my regular readers know, and I just love them like nobody’s business.  I take tons of pictures of them.  Some of those pictures I even send via email to friends and family.

But I have never, not once, posted a picture of my child on the internet.

Am I being paranoid?


6 responses to “It’s Not Paranoia If They’re Really After You

  1. I don’t know. As a parent, I think it’s completely up to you how you want to approach this. I’m not a parent yet, so I don’t know what my stance is. I think I would probably post pictures of them, yes. But I’m an open person. Everyone has their own parenting style and like they say, better safe than sorry!

  2. Congratulations on very succesful blog! It’s very nice and I enjoy the reading.

    All jokes aside, I don’t think you’re paranoid at all. Whatever you put up on the internet might be there for ever. I wouldn’t put my kids pics up either if I had any. If not for weird people oogling kids, I’d be worried about where those pics might turn up in the future. What if your kid becomes famous? Runs for president?

    And the “comment” you posted was eerily void of any kind of indictation that it was directed specifically to your blog. If I were to spam someone I’d chose a more relaxed tone…

  3. Nope! I was just thinking about how vulnerable it could make your children. I think you’re being safe.

  4. Amber/Daydreamer

    You know Hank, as a parent, I too have had to think long and hard about posting pictures of my son. Here is what I have come up with. 1.) I don’t post any type of picture of my son (unprotected) if it has him on the beach shirtless or baby pictures of him in the bathtub. Anything that some weirdo might take as sexual in their weird mind. 2.) I use a moniker for my son instead of using his name, except sometimes by habit, I think I do use his name. 3.) I don’t post any reveling facts about where we live or anything that can be pieced together to give an idea of where we live. 4.) I do not revel our last names. (In fact I posted a picture of my son and the back of his sweatshirt was showing and his last name was on it so I photoshopped it.) 5.) The reason I do decide to post pictures is because I have safety rules intact and I really want to share my real life with my family and friends out there and my site isn’t very high traffic anyways, which doesn’t mean that strangers can’t come across it but I figure there are more alluring sites for people who are really looking. I think you should do whatever you are comfortable with and I don’t think you are being paranoid by any means. You are being a parent. (My blog is the only place where the pictures I post are available for viewing. My Flickr account and any other account I have with personal pictures are very much restricted. Just to advoid the chances and have more control of what gets seen.)

  5. Nope! Not paranoid at all.

    Any and all pictures that I have of my boys on my blog are password protected, so that I can control who sees it.

    Just lets me sleep better at night, ya know?

  6. You know what I think? Who cares if you’re being paranoid? They’re your kids, and from what I’m told, parenthood is scary. So if it makes you feel better to not post pictures of them, then don’t!

    Since I don’t have kids, I can only compare it to how I decide what to post about myself. And personally, I feel more danger in what a person I encounter in my day to day life might do to me. The same thing that protects me from regular psychos is what protects me from online psychos. Good locks, good neighbors, and good sense. But that’s just my personal choice for myself, and I freely admit I might feel different when I have kids.
    My (adopted) mother asked that I not post pictures or full names of my little brothers until they’re 18 and can make that choice for themselves and I absolutely respect that. My almost former stepmother has no problem with me using Little Nicks first name and pictures, as long as they don’t include clues to his school or house location, etc.
    Even if your choice is simply based on how it makes you feel, I think that’s perfectly valid.

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