Really, Really the Last Meme

This isn’t a meme. Not really. It’s been a meme, but it’s not the reason I’m doing this. I was listening to music yesterday in my office, talking to my secretary, and she mentioned that my taste in music was eclectic, and she didn’t know what song would come up next. So I clicked to the next song. And the next.

I remembered an old meme, “what are the next 10 songs on your iPod.”

So, here they are:

Odalisque, The Decemberists
Zeh Hayom, Chaim Dovid [This is Israeli music. I’m not Israeli, I just like it.]
Someday Never Comes, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Shadowboxer, Fiona Apple
Spirit in the Night, Bruce Springsteen
Jealous Hearted Man, Muddy Waters
Next to You, The Police
Wild is the Wind, Nina Simone
Paint it Black, The Rolling Stones
Lonely No More, Rob Thomas.

All I can say it, thank G-d that Aly and AJ’s “Rush” didn’t come up. That would have been embarrassing.


3 responses to “Really, Really the Last Meme

  1. I just had to drop by (from The Hotfessional’s site) and say, The Talisman is my favorite Stephen King book. But then I got a glimpse of those Red Sox up there and my cold Yankees heart shriveled up and I died. The End.

  2. You’re welcome back of course at any time. All you have to do is leave a comment that says, “Go Sox!”

  3. Amber/Daydreamer

    I have ALL of those artists on my ipod!! How funny is that!! (Not Zeh Hayom, Chaim Dovid but I do have Nasrat Fateh Ali Khan on mine and he’s international music too, so that kinda counts!) You have good taste in music!

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