Celebrities and Politics

I saw this quote from the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog, and really liked one aspect of it.

Read the quote, then I’ll tell you what I loved. It’s actually a quote within a quote.

To set the scene, this is from the creators of the show “The Wire.” Truly a fantastic show, and one which I wish they’d add to iTunes as soon as possible.

And, with the series concluded on March 9, they offer their take on what we, as a society, can do to “bridge” the “two Americas — separate and unequal” produced by the country’s failed drug war. The piece begins:

    We write a television show. Measured against more thoughtful and meaningful occupations, this is not the best seat from which to argue public policy or social justice. Still, those viewers who followed The Wire . . . .tell us they’ve invested in the fates of our characters. They worry or grieve for Bubbles, Bodie or Wallace [pictured], certain that these characters are fictional yet knowing they are rooted in the reality of the other America, the one rarely acknowledged by anything so overt as a TV drama. . . .These viewers, admittedly a small shard of the TV universe, deluge us with one question: What can we do?

What I absolutely love is the humility displayed in the first sentence of the embedded quote. “We’re not in the best position to comment compared to other more thoughtful professions.” They go on to do just that. Comment, I mean. But it’s nice that they made pro forma motions toward humility.


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