I’m Still Pissed

I’m still incredibly upset from the other day.  I looked around the news tonight, and nada.  No follow up.  Barely any condemnation, even.  Because, let’s face it, a good portion of the world is secretly, if not happy, then not too upset.  I mean after all, if only Israel would do this or that, the palestineans wouldn’t be upset.  As if. These are people willing to kill kids.  No, excuse me.  Not “kill.”  Try instead, “brutally slaughter.”  Yeah, that’s more accurate.  I don’t know of an epithet strong enough for someone who targets children.  Motherfucking cocksucker comes close, I guess, but not really.  Piece of shit.  Yeah, motherfucking piece of shit.  That’s closer.Because it’s not just like they drop a bomb and a child happens to be there (by the way, go back to the last Lebanon war and news reports there about how Hezb’Allah based their fire teams in civilian areas so any counterfire would hit civilians and they could get better press.)Someone walked into a religious school and aimed an automatic rifle at kids.And pulled the trigger, again and again.You know, I really was going to make this a lighter post about my new iMac, and how psyched I am about it, but as soon as I started typing, this came out.I’m traveling on business next week, starting tomorrow morning, actually, and I won’t be back for a few days.  I’ll post something from where I am, another “What Time Zone Am I In” post, so look for it. 


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