Not So Funny Today

I had a funny post in mind about random things that pissed me off, like people not washing their hands after using the facilities.

But yesterday’s shooting in Jerusalem has me simply too upset.

In case you didn’t hear, an arab went into a Yeshiva and started shooting, killing eight (some reports say 10), and wounding more, before being shot dead.

These were 15-year-olds, mind you.  It was essentially a high school.

My wife said that the worst thing was that it was kids.

I said that the worst thing was that this act of true utter barbarism would not change one mind.  No one is going to say because of this “wow, you know, those Hamas people are really bad; maybe I shouldn’t support the partition of Jerusalem.”  By tomorrow, this is going to be a non-story.  One more episode in the “circle of violence.”

Israel targets terrorists, they target children (do a google search on Shalhevet Pass, if you have the stomach for it).  Israel makes every effort to avoid collateral damage, including dropping leaflets saying “we’re going to bomb here in 4 hours.”  They celebrate the murder of children.  Celebrate.  Think on that, just for a moment.  When news of the attack got out, Hamas called it “heroic,” and palestineans went into the street and celebrated.

I have no humor today.


One response to “Not So Funny Today

  1. It made me very angry and sad as well. There’s so much good in the world that gets overshadowed by these acts of evilness.

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