Back at my Desk

I’ve been away from the office for a month.  Literally.  I was on a business trip for two weeks, then I took a week off, then I went on another business trip for a week.  Then Monday was a federal holiday.  So it’s been a month.  It seems strange spending the whole day on calls and in meetings, and trying to get actual work done in between.

I think I want to take another couple of weeks off.  Instead, I’m going to take a day and spend it with my wife on her birthday.  We’re going to get a hotel room, farm out or have relatives babysit the kids, and take a show, dinner, and a night in a swanky hotel.  Should be fun.

Anyway, I’m going to leave now.

But before I do, can I just say that I’ve been watching Prison Break, and it’s fantastic?  ‘Cause it is.  And so is the iPhone I’ve been watching it on, but you already know of my undying love for my iPhone.  I’ve gone through the first two seasons, and I’m now on season 3.  They’re really, really good at ending every episode with a cliffhanger.  And boy did they just have a doozy.  I’m at the point where Link finds out what’s in the box.  What’s in the box!  Oh my!  I knew that it was going to be bad, but I didn’t realize it’d be that bad.  The death of a major character.  In the middle of the season.  Wow.  And so gruesome.  It was reminiscent of Se7en.  Remember that movie?  With Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey?  Sick movie, but that scene at the end, with Brad asking Morgan in a tortured voice, “What’s in the box?  What’s in the box!?”

Same thing was in the box, boys and girls.  RIP.


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