There’s Nothing Wrong with Going Nowhere, Baby

I once again watched one of my favorite movies in the entire world: Streets of Fire

Streets of Fire Poster

You can click here for the trailer (I’ll try to upload it later today). And you just have to watch the trailer. See Willem Defoe with a bang. A “bang” as in haircut with bangs, but just one, so a “bang.” Not kidding. In fact, click here for the pic. He looks about 12, doesn’t he?

I think this will post the trailer:

In fact, this is one of those movies with tons of people in it: Rick Moranis, Diane Lane, Bill Paxton, Willem, Amy Madigan, Diane von Valkenburgh, Rick Rossovitch, Robert Townsend, Ed Begley, Jr., and just to let you know how old this movie is, the top billing was given to…wait for it…Michael Paré. Yes, coming off his Eddie and the Cruisers fame and fortune, his next vehicle was this rock fable (although Michael does no singing in this one).

And, truth be told, while there’s a significant amount of campy humor in this movie, it’s just a great, fun movie. And it has great music. The two songs I love are by a two-hit-wonder band called Fire Inc. The only two real songs they had were on this soundtrack: “Nowhere Fast” and “Tonight is What it Means to be Young.” The thing is, Max Weinberg is the drummer for Fire, Inc. He’s also the drummer for the E Street Band (and if you don’t know who the E Street Band is, get off my site now, please). So they have serious cred, as far as I’m concerned.

If you can, rent it. If not, download it (legally of course).


3 responses to “There’s Nothing Wrong with Going Nowhere, Baby

  1. Having the The Blasters as a bar band was also a plus.

  2. Accidentally left the ‘n’ off of my last name.

  3. I just re-watched this movie today … classic!

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