Forever Amber

Yep, another one.

Go read Forever Amber.

I read a post of hers the other day about something having to do with a bathroom (you have to read it). I used to post under the name “Bathroom Reading” so I have affinity for anything bathroom-related.

That sounded better in my head.

So I liked her, and I was going to go back and read some more before I linked or recommended her. But three things bumped her up on the list:

1. She responded to my comment. One of the things I’m a bit of a geek about (and they are legion) is politeness. I think it’s polite, when someone leaves a comment on your blog with a link to theirs, that you at least visit. That, to me, is basic blogging courtesy. To leave a comment back saying thanks, that’s just classy.

2. She likes rants. In her comment, she said she was likely to rant a bit about blog annoyances (hers: text speak and “prolly” instead of probably. Mine: same, plus “Anywho” and “co-inky-dink” instead of coincidence, plus emoticons). I love rants. Going way back to my unrequited love for Rachel Lucas. If you don’t know who Rachel is, just go to google and see. She’s the original ranter.

3. I finally saw her tagline: May contain nuts. I just love that!

Oh, and a fourth. I’m assuming from her domain name that she’s British. And I’m a complete anglophile. Actually, not so much everything British, but I’m a lover of the accent. And red hair, so that’s a plus.

Anyway, go read her.


One response to “Forever Amber

  1. Rants make the world go round.

    I always try and email my commenters back, especially the first time they comment. And I always visit their sites and usually add them to my feed reader. It is just common courtesy, I feel.

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