VIDEO!!! And Piccolo Mini

Hey, I got a video posted! And it has, at the end, me singing the piccolo mini song I mentioned in my last post.

Woo hoo! Video!

By the way, if it asks you for a password, it’s “Hank.”

First Time Out from Hank on Vimeo.

Anyone know how I can actually include the video in the post, rather than as a link? Anyone?

UPDATE: See the post above: I learned how to post videos. Thank you KJ!


One response to “VIDEO!!! And Piccolo Mini

  1. I’ve done it, so I know it is possible.

    When you select videos to upload when you are writing a post, select the VodPod option. It will give access to Vimeo to upload the video to your site.

    I think. Either that or I’m full of it. 🙂

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