I Do Nothing

Every year, I read the newspaper articles about the Westinghouse talent winners.  These are high-schoolers who do some amazing things, and their winning studies read like the headlines of the New England Journal of Medicine.  I don’t understand even the summaries.

I feel inadequate whenever I read it.  I mean, I was in the Dart club, and the Chess club, and the Newspaper, and Yearbook.  And some other random things.  These people are finding ways to cure diseases.

But just in case I really want to feel inadequate, I look at the following list.

These are the recipients of the Medal of Honor who are still alive: Medal of Honor site.

Go read some of their heroics: click on a name, get a picture and the citation.  Most of them read something along the lines of “while gravely wounded and carrying three enlisted men on his back, recipient killed 43 Germans and took out two tanks using only a paperclip and the contents of his MRE.”  I’m only slightly exaggerating.


One response to “I Do Nothing

  1. true heroes. now i’m off to sulk in my cubby, surrounded by all the things that make my life easy. guess i’m pathetic… or perhaps i’m normal.. and these people are the extra-ordinary!

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